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I really like how in a lot of The Beatles songs they’re singing about doing one specific thing with the person they love and how they’d be content with just that one thing, yet they continue on in other songs to name more things.

It’s like “actually, I keep thinking of more things I want to do with you because I love you I want to do everything but at the same time I appreciate each individual thing so much because doing it with you is so great”.

"Learn a lot about your friends right around 2 AM."

I combined a screen cap of the music video and some lyrics to create this for my cover photo on Facebook and decided to share it on here in case anyone else likes it.
There’s also like 8 other variations I made with the font/placement slightly different. If this gets noticed I’ll upload them.

All material from Sloppy Seconds by George Watsky.

My Innocence

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Once upon a time I wrote some terrible lyrics. Then I read them on camera and laughed at myself in order to give you the news that good music will be coming forth soon.



ive seen more guts in 11 year old kids

have another drink and drive yourself home, I hope theres ice on all the roads

And you can think of me when you forget your seat belt,
and again when your head goes through the windshield.

Alex Carpenter - Jack’s Lament (Cover)