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wtf is going on with the phandom lately i mean have y’all been drugged or something because crying over a building is not normal
and all these “dan-and-phils-new-flat” blogs i mean why what is the point

Really. I don’t know if it’s me or not but lately the Phandom has confused me more and more. Guys just love Dan and Phil and don’t unnecessarily cry over their old flat. That’s real Creepston-like not in the good way in the Phil will make videos because he’s scared in a kind of funny but mostly horrified and we’ll all create a name for it and then you’ll be an inside joke way.
Don’t do that to yourselves and woah that sentence probably didn’t make much sense I’m sorry I’ve been working for hours kbye Phandom.



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My video about Dan and Phil at Playlist!

The first of my Playlist videos! The others will be more personal to each YouTuber I met, and have more clips, but I wanted to get a general recap out first.

Make sure to subscribe to get to see them as soon as I upload them! (honestly not a self promote, I just typically forget to share them on here right away!)

Playlist Live story time.

So I was sitting in the hall with Dan, Phil, Cat and Sophie, and we heard this weird dinging noise. I questioned it, and we all just kind of passed it off. Later when I watched the CTFxC vlog I realized it was Mitchell, Alli even came down the hallway a minute later and complimented Cat’s awesome neon green/yellow bag.

Dan and Phil Playing DDR at Playlist Live!

Don’t mind me and Sophie talking during it, we had just met and were speculating on random stuff.

Some video of Dan and Phil saying hi to my friend Carolyn.

Remembered to get a picture with them this time!

Oh Phil. xD

I just saw Dan and Phil.

AGAIN. Didn’t say anything this time but seeing them in person is greatness.

Guess who I met?! And they said I was the coolest person they had met yet. Kfjebxjkdjd.

My name is McKelvy and I look like a mongoose. Me and Dan went on a date to Neverland and ate eye patches and pressed together our toes. Later that day I kissed a torpedo while ballin’. Overall I will live for another 5 years and die in a cactus accident.

So that’s what Sonic/Gollum does with all his coins.

I’m crying. Oh my gosh, tears are STREAMING down my face.

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