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I made a video. I’m wearing a cute hat and do cute stuff. Watch it.

I still want to meet London YouTuber’s, and not just “big” ones. So I’m going to tag this appropriately and if you happen to be a YouTuber in London, send me an ask or tweet (click) me, let’s chat and maybe hang and maybe create!

It’s kind of late, but here’s my September DYL. Lots of Londoning stuff.

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First video in London.

I’d say I combine actual content with poor humor rather well. That’s a talent o’ mine.

Did you hear that YouTube’s going to be getting rid of video responses on September 12th? They are.

Here are my thoughts and opinions on that.

Ayyyy, a new video!
I finally make a video about how I’m going to London and how my life has drastically changed in the past few months.

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Back at Playlist I talked to a girl about her starting to vlog. She finally did, and I’m so glad I could play a part in encouraging her because she has a knack for this. I have a feeling she’s going to create some really great videos.

Chescaleigh is my favorite person right now, she did such an amazing job with her playlist about the Zimmerman verdict.

Hey guys, new DYL video for June is up!

Lot’s of nature shots, they’re pretty.

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This month’s Document Your Life video is up!

I did a lot of things, met a lot of things, and felt a lot of things. Since it’s still fresh in my heart place, big thanks to those lovely creatures I met at Scorched Nuts. Yous guys are the best.

(But also I love all my beautiful friends so yay for having tons of amazing people in my life.)

I reviewed Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell!

While it wasn’t a groundbreaking book of any sort, it was a really nice love story. I suggest checking it out if you’re into that.

I reviewed Carrie by Stephen King on my collab channel, The Epithettes!
Check it out and subscribe for more book reviews.

Went to Hannah Hart’s meet up at the Greater Community Pittsburgh Foodbank today! We bagged cucumbers and stuff.

My DYL video for the month of March!
I really love this project and this particular video, check it out and give it a like or comment if you wanna. :]

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I made a little recap for Playlist Live 2013…you should probably check it out. :]

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