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I made a little recap for Playlist Live 2013…you should probably check it out. :]


So I don’t really ask my followers to ever do anything, buuut…if you’re into YouTube you should listen up real quick.

Landon Austin, who some of you may be familiar with, hasn’t been invited to Playlist Live yet. A friend of mine realized and has started a campaign to let Playlist know we want his incredible talent there!

If you could, take a second to tweet @PlaylistLIVE about @LandonAustin and possibly use #IwantLandonatPlaylist.

Here, I’ll even make it copy and paste easy for you:
@PlaylistLIVE I’d love to see @LandonAustin at Playlist this year! Please invite him! #IwantLandonatPlaylist

Thank you guys! :D
Love to you all, whether you tweet or not!

As everyone tweets, blogs, and posts statuses about VidCon…

I’m just sitting here in bed. Hugging my knees.

…planning my ticket, hotel, flight, possible Disney, food, taxi, and random expenses for Playlist Live.

This is how I deal with pain.


Alex Carpenter & Jason Munday.

Playlist LIVE 2012:

These photos are just gorgeous.

Playlist Live Stage Montage!

A video about meet and watching Alex Carpenter perform at Playlist Live! There’s a good 2 minute ish clip of him playing At The Hunger Games.

Watch to hear about Damian and Lauren, two awesome youtubers I got to meet and hang out with at Playlist Live.

My video about Dan and Phil at Playlist!

Want to see me partying with some YouTubers? Haha, Damian did a good job summing up the last two nights.

The first of my Playlist videos! The others will be more personal to each YouTuber I met, and have more clips, but I wanted to get a general recap out first.

Make sure to subscribe to get to see them as soon as I upload them! (honestly not a self promote, I just typically forget to share them on here right away!)

Playlist Live story time.

So I was sitting in the hall with Dan, Phil, Cat and Sophie, and we heard this weird dinging noise. I questioned it, and we all just kind of passed it off. Later when I watched the CTFxC vlog I realized it was Mitchell, Alli even came down the hallway a minute later and complimented Cat’s awesome neon green/yellow bag.

Des and Nate getting ready to DJ!

He literally had his belt undone because he was rushing to the bathroom. I keep hugging and seeing Toby in the weirdest situations.

Damon Fizzzzzaaaaay. :D

Dan and Phil Playing DDR at Playlist Live!

Don’t mind me and Sophie talking during it, we had just met and were speculating on random stuff.

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