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wtf is going on with the phandom lately i mean have y’all been drugged or something because crying over a building is not normal
and all these “dan-and-phils-new-flat” blogs i mean why what is the point

Really. I don’t know if it’s me or not but lately the Phandom has confused me more and more. Guys just love Dan and Phil and don’t unnecessarily cry over their old flat. That’s real Creepston-like not in the good way in the Phil will make videos because he’s scared in a kind of funny but mostly horrified and we’ll all create a name for it and then you’ll be an inside joke way.
Don’t do that to yourselves and woah that sentence probably didn’t make much sense I’m sorry I’ve been working for hours kbye Phandom.

My video about Dan and Phil at Playlist!

Oh Phil. xD

Can someone make a gif of Dan doing his little dance and then smiling from the newest Super Amazing Project video? I’ll give you cookies and cakes and placenta and hugs.



bah. hahahahahaahahahaha. fknva;nbuireo;b.

Well now that I’m bursting out laughing in my college’s computer lab…