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wtf is going on with the phandom lately i mean have y’all been drugged or something because crying over a building is not normal
and all these “dan-and-phils-new-flat” blogs i mean why what is the point

Really. I don’t know if it’s me or not but lately the Phandom has confused me more and more. Guys just love Dan and Phil and don’t unnecessarily cry over their old flat. That’s real Creepston-like not in the good way in the Phil will make videos because he’s scared in a kind of funny but mostly horrified and we’ll all create a name for it and then you’ll be an inside joke way.
Don’t do that to yourselves and woah that sentence probably didn’t make much sense I’m sorry I’ve been working for hours kbye Phandom.


I’m crying

"my favirote actress is renée zelweggerererer or however you spell becuase she’s just awesome even if she looks a bit like an ardvark."

-Dan Howell (back when he was like 13)

Is it bad that I think danisnotonfire is kind of a dick



I mean, he’s amazingly gorgeous and alot of his views on things are similar to mine. But, i’ve heard from many others who say he never replies to their messages and completely ignore them. But whatever.


This gets me so upset.

Having personally met Dan, it is genuinely irksome people could thing he’s a dick.
Yes, he doesn’t reply to all of the tweets, comments, posts, etc. his NUMEROUS fans send him.
From meeting him at Playlist, I know for a fact he spent hours at a meet and greet in addition to signing, taking pictures with, and just talking to his fans whenever they spotted him. He freaking let me record him saying hi and happy birthday to several friends, which I appreciate so much.

He’s only one person, give him a break.

My response to Dan about going to the cinema/movies!

My video about Dan and Phil at Playlist!

Can someone make a gif of Dan doing his little dance and then smiling from the newest Super Amazing Project video? I’ll give you cookies and cakes and placenta and hugs.


About three hours ago I got on this computer…

I planned on writing a short story I was inspired to do.

Instead I watched Smosh for about an hour, did a little school work(waitwut?), logged into tumblr…and now here we are. Anthony Padilla’s face keeps mixing with Dan Howell’s in my mind. Not that I think they look like twins, but really they have similar face parts.

I think it’s time to get this story out right quick before I absolutely HAVE to leave campus to get home. My feet are uber warmzies. :3



Just had a dream that I was at some place with a bunch of friends and some YouTube people, and we were in a super fast Q&A. There was a camera, and Dan Howell was right in front of it trying to answer questions but the guy with the mic kept skipping him. Finally a question about Danisnotonfire was asked, and it was kind of rude, but probably not intentionally. They asked something along the lines of “Why would you watch Danisnotonfire when he can’t actually fix your problems?”. (I can’t remember the exact question because, you know, after ten minutes you forget most of your dream.) Everyone was super shocked and insulted for him, and his face just kind of went red. This guy tried answering and wasn’t doing it very well, and then I just grabbed the mic and said, “Sometimes it doesn’t matter if all your problems get fixed, it matters that he can make you smile or laugh despite what’s going on in your life.” My friends turned to me all smiling, and Dan came over and hugged me.

It was a super weird dream transitioning into that part, but that was a nice ending to my dream. :]