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I’m dying.

I got bored on the beach today and made this. It’s basically a toaster shooting Alex, Jason, Mike, and Landon into the air where they’re doing various things. Mike Falzone plays a guitar, Landon Austin sings, and of course Alex Carpenter and Jason Munday are in the middle having a light saber battle.

Here’s my vlog from seeing the Olympics of Awesome Tour. It was a pretty good time, heh. :]


The first picture I took of the night was terrible, so I just purposely made the rest really bad. You know, to mix things up a bit.

But never fear, the video is amazing. Just you wait.

Alex Carpenter - Jack’s Lament (Cover)


Alex Carpenter & Jason Munday.

Playlist LIVE 2012:

These photos are just gorgeous.

A video about meet and watching Alex Carpenter perform at Playlist Live! There’s a good 2 minute ish clip of him playing At The Hunger Games.

The first of my Playlist videos! The others will be more personal to each YouTuber I met, and have more clips, but I wanted to get a general recap out first.

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